Exposing the Small Foxes

Dearly Beloved,
Overcoming is the key to moving past stumbling blocks and hindrances. Take us the foxes, the little foxes, that spoil the vineyards; for our vineyards are in blossom. (Song of Solomon 2:15, ERV) What are small foxes?  Small foxes are life patterns that rob us of the abundant life that we are entitled to.  It’s those “little” things that we do that keeps us separated from God.  Trust your gut instinct that says it’s okay that your small foxes are exposed. A wave of negative energy that flows outwardly is vital to push past obstacles. If you need to cry, it’s okay because it’s those tears shed that cleanse your soul. Friends realize what worked back then can’t work now.
Like David, you have the power to cast stones at every giant in your life. May I speak to all of my warriors for a minute?  Warriors we must have the spiritual maturity and strength to be transparent.  The way to connect to our fellow brother or sister is through being authentic.  What if your uncomfortable?  It’s good to be uncomfortable simply because you are called to grow. The epitome of being out of your comfort zone is what Jesus experienced.
He was summoned to the Earth realm to embark on the human experience.  Beloved, he was away from home.  Our Heavenly father shared the gift of his Son in order to bring us back to himself.  God loves us that much.  I’m so happy to be an heir to the throne. Are you?
The Risen Warrior

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