I’ll Cry If I Want To


Good morning warriors,

Hope your morning is well thus far.  You know a setback for all of us sometimes never looks or feels good.  In the heat of the moment you may feel like all hope is lost.  God may place or send people in your path to remind you that it will be okay.  I don’t know about you but there has been plenty of times where God has spoken to my heart and I still decided to remain in my place of “oh poor me.”  I’ve recently experienced this in my own personal walk with God.  I won’t go to much into right now, but I will later.:) Remember God’s timing is always best.

From my recent “what about me” mountain top experience, as Joyce Meyer would say, I learned something.  It wasn’t until I strategically positioned myself to hear God that he would deliver not only a plan, but a SOLUTION.  My God! My God!  I obeyed HIS specific instructions and it was then and only then I started to see a turnaround in my situation.  Personally, I seem to forget that setbacks are necessary for spiritual maturity.  Oh my, I can’t wait for the comeback results though.  I’m reminded that no matter what we go through the lesson is not only for us, but we are meant to go back and help others along the way.

Until we meet again…I love you to life!


The Risen Warrior

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