Help! I’m losing control…

Dear Beloved,

Hope this brief missive finds you well.  It’s been a rainy day here in Houston, TX but nevertheless all is well.  Please keep us all in your prayers.  I wanted to say hello and just encourage us all to keep moving forward.  We can either lay down in our own misery, or keep pressing forward in the new grace and mercy that God gifts us with each and every day.

Sometimes things may happen that’s beyond our control.  I believe this is when God wants to see how much we really trust Him to take care of any pit, problem, or circumstance that we may face.  In my opinion, trials and tribulations bring about a wave of humility, coupled with total dependence on Him for His perfect will to be done in our lives and those we love.

So friends, whatever you are facing in the moment never forget to strengthen yourself in prayer, praise, and only believe that God’s word has the final authority in your life.  With all that being said, God reminds us in (Psalm 46:10, KJV) Be still, and know that I am God: I will be exalted among the heathen, I will be exalted in the earth.  Friends, we must remember that God alone is Sovereign and He always has our best interest in mind.  I love how He gently reminds us of His divinity, and how His unconditional love never runs out.  The next time we feel like we are losing control, pause, pray, and praise.  Until we meet again…I love you to life!


Mrs. Candace A. Stevens, The Risen Warrior


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