Talitha Cumi+3 Presents: The Warrior’s Corner

Beloved as with any song we all want to experience what the “hook” is going to be right?  In the music world, a vocalist, songwriter and those involved in the process seeks to catch the listener’s ear.  Our commonality is that we have all experienced life.   As the gifted, multi-dimensional, creative individual that I am, I not only want to catch your ear, but your eyes and ultimately your heart.   I want you to be able to dig deep within your true self to unlock the maximum potential that you possess.  My goal is to also lead you back to your own unique self and ascend above where you currently are.  I had to learn that I am not my past!  Beloved you are not a product of your environment and grab this if nothing else:  You no longer have to be a slave or victim of every hurt, problem, pit, or circumstance.  Insanity: doing the same thing and expecting different results.  Beloved, I know what it’s like to be in going in circles to a road of nowhere.  I knew I had to make and change and stand up to every hater, giant, naysayer, backstabber, my past, and we all know rest.  My God-given purpose has been chasing me down for a long time and now I’m fully basking in the joys of it.  Here I am today as a true survivor and ready to help you awaken your dead self to become alive in your purpose.

Readers, let me share the last and final straw.  I realized that God have given me yet another chance by simply continuing to allow me to live to see another day.  We all know the first step in facing ourselves is to admit that there is a problem and prepare to face the music no matter what.  Quitting is not an option or you won’t be able to grow on to higher heights.  I refuse to be dishonest with you and say that is going to be easy because it’s not.  Take a moment.  Be transparent with yourself for a change.  Please take the time to consider the following questions.  Are you stuck?  Are you in a problem, pit, or circumstance?  Dead-end job or career?  Are you ready to reach your place of purpose?

Friends, I‘ve answered the clarion call for my life.  Today. Yes today I’m boldly summoning you to a call of action to stand up and move forward in your purpose.  Will you join me in creating and leaving a legacy behind to many generations to come?  Warriors like many of you I too was a slave/victim to my past and too arrogant, mean, and stubborn to see into the bright future that was always within my reach.  All I did to was simply make a decision to be free of myself so that I can be the successful person, wife, mother, businesswoman, writer, etc. that God created and always intended me to be.  Don’t remain negative, complacent, to push past mediocrity, or your same “routine”.  My decision to have courage to be bold and pursue my purpose has led me to the straight path to service to you.  I was born to encourage you to move beyond where you are right now.  Beloved, answer this call for a real change for your every aspect of your life, business, corporation, or whatever the need is.  It doesn’t matter where you are right now my desire is to meet you where you are and usher you into greatness!  Ready. Set. Grow.


The Risen Warrior

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