#Warrior Moment

Are you truly experiencing the abundant life that Jesus promised?  If not, dig deep, find out why, and execute accordingly.  Fellow warrior, know that I’m praying with and for you during your journey.

The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy. I came that they may have life and have it abundantly (John 10:10, ESV).

Until we meet again, I love you to life!


Candace A. Stevens, The Risen Warrior


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3 thoughts on “#Warrior Moment

  1. Thank you for showing me your blog. I hope you enjoy your blog and it is all you wantit nt be. But I am a Nichiren Buddhist. Not the same as Tibetan or Zen or any other Buddhist sect. Like Christianity it splintered into sects that all teach a little different. Nichiren Buddhism and Christianity have many of the same teachings about how to be a better human being, but we differ in that we don’t pray to an outside source to change of lives and be happy. We look for that wisdom within and accept responsibility for all that we are. Each person has the right to choose a faith he thinks makes sense to him as the truth. I respect that. If more people respected each person’s choice and didn’t demand they should believe what they do, the world would be a happier place with less hate. I’ve seen so much hate this past year. Have a happy holiday season. Sonni


    1. You’re welcome and thank you for stopping by. SonniQ, even though we don’t share the same beliefs, doesn’t mean that we can’t love, and respect each other. You’re right we all have a choice. In my case, I unapologetically choose Jesus. I definitely admire the work that you’re doing in relation to Jamie’s story. Peace, favor, and blessings in this holiday season and the new year to come. Cheers-Candace a.k.a. “The Risen Warrior”

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      1. Oh there is no need for anyone to apologize
        if what they believe gives then a basis for living their life and they are happy. If we look at most of the faiths they often say the
        same things using different words. I think one of the most one for these days and so many don’t aside by it is -treat people the way you want to be treated. There has been so much growing animosity. Then the question needs to be asked – why? Why should we treat people in this major? Because there are repercussions. You reap what you sow. That law of life doesn’t happen sometimes. That phrase, you reap what you sow appears umpteen times in the Bible so it must be important. In Nichiren Buddhism we call it The law of cause and effect. We take it very seriously because or life today is the effect of past causes and our future comes from today’s causes. Most people know very little about other religions. It’s more interesting to find out the similarities than to get hateful about the things that are different. That slams doors. I’ve heard and read so many hateful things this past year. We all have. What good has it accomplished and how much fear has it caused. America slams the Muslims as though they all have bombs. Children have been hurt. They grew up learning a faith just like you and I. Many people don’t realize politically how we have caused the problem “over there”. They must think Christians are terrorists, too. But there is good and bad on both sides. In, personally, don’t know a lot about the Muslim faith. Bits and pieces,, and I know it’s split in two. I know I’d like to know more. To understand better. But some people are scared to learn more. Or they think it’s an affront to God. But wouldn’t it be better to be able to have a dialogue with no fear and learn about the human being instead of seeing a Muslim woman our children and accost them, hit them our yell obscenities at them? When I read about those things it makes me want to tell them that surely God would be angry at that behavior. So this is an unpleasant part of what will soon become our history. If we don’t find a way for different faiths to respect each other it’s going to rip us apart and destroy us all. You can look at someone’s behavior and know how seriious he is about following the lessons he was taught. I was raised in the Lutheran church and left at 18. I tried again in my mid 20’s for two years. I really tried. I finally quit and it made no difference. Ten years later I started studying Nichiren Buddhism. A light bulb turned on. Life made sense to me, finally. The ten commandments were more than just commandments. There is a reason for them. They are almost verbatim to the ones in the Bible – but much older. The study of life was deeper for me. Even my mom who is now 83 left the church and started practicing Buddhism – 30 years ago. I don’t say this in any way to say I’m right and you are wrong. I wouldn’t do that. We each find our own way. I like to learn about things I don’t know. If you ever have any questions about what I believe and why just ask. I like to compare the meaning of things. If not – that’s okay. Be good and be happy Sonni


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