Marriage is Not a Disease: It’s a Blessing

Dearly Beloved,

Hope all is well.  My heart was led to write to you guys about marriage today.  In society, marriage has been devalued to being some “common” practice.  Let’s take a closer look at what marriage is and what it’s not.  Marriage is a holy, divine, sacred covenant that God ordained between a man and a woman.  A couple may choose to demonstrate their covenant commitment before God and men in a large ceremony or a small private ceremony.  The latter is not important.  The importance is that two people have decided to come together as one to honor God by glorying his name in the Earth.  God’s purpose for marriage is to reflect God’s person, reproduce children in God’s likeness, and reign in the Earth.

The platform of marriage also represents a glorious picture of the relationship between Jesus Christ, his Bride, and the Church. Marriage is also a spiritual reflection of our divine relationship with God.  Marriage is NOT to be taken lightly.  In my thirty-two years, I have seen and heard a lot of distorted views about marriage.  Marriage is NOT prison, the ball/chain, or a DISEASE! Marriage is also a beautiful, intimate close union between husband and wife until death due them part.  Until we meet again…may peace and favor rest on you and your family.


The Risen Warrior

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