Cheers to You!

Dearly Beloved,

Have you ever had a moment in your life, where you felt the need to celebrate? Today, I challenge you to do just that.  Let’s reflect for just a moment. Think about where you were this time last year.  Do you recognize a substantial change within or is it about the same?  If it’s the latter, take heart because that mean’s it’s time to wake up, RISE, and smell the coffee!  Refuse to accept the same, monotonous routine every day.  Most of the time we are so deep in our mess, we don’t even realize that we have allowed our self-induced foolery to become our norm.  Warriors, there one thing I have learned is that change is constant and willing to infiltrate your “business as usual” type of day.

Cheers to you for God allowing you to see this 15th day of October 2014!  Heaven is celebrating right now that you are alive, well, and most of all ready to make an impact on the world around you.  Don’t you give up on God, and most of all give up on yourself.  You matter!  You are loved! You are valued!  Do you know why because God says so and HE sent me to you as a reminder!  A good friend of mine once said “What has happened has already happened there’s nothing you can do to change that.”  Friends, always remember there’s a party that you’re always invited to…and its call PITY!  Guess what?  You don’t have to show up!

Celebrate God for who HE is and not just for what HIS hand automatically does because He’s so gracious. Celebrate HIS darling son Jesus Christ.  Ignore the forces of darkness, negative voices, and most of all negative people! I also want you to take inventory of who you allow to speak into your life and the things that you allow to infiltrate your mind, eyes, ears, and heart.  Never forget that what you constantly meditate on manifests itself always.  Friends, that’s all for now…until we “meet” again….


The Risen Warrior



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