He’s Moved On: Will You?

Dearly Beloved,

Forgive. Love Again. Hurt Again. Betrayed. Forgive. Love Again. Hurt Again. Lied On. Forgive. Love Again. Friends, this is the frequent order that those life patterns occur. The aforementioned appears to be common for many of us.  One moment you’re up, and the next moment you’re down.  God never told us that we would be without life happening to us.  In this journey, you are going to experience various trials and tribulations.  My question for you would be:  Are you going to go another day without saying what needs to be said to that individual, person, or for some forgiving yourself?

As I mentioned this morning, don’t allow unresolved issues to fester.  Go to your brother or sister in peace and come to a complete resolve.  It’s not always easy but it allows you to free yourself of dis-ease. When we allow unforgiveness to wreak havoc in our soul, what once flowed freely will be clogged and restricted.  Hence, this would be the reason why some of our prayers are not being answered.  Many of us love God, however we are not receiving the full abundance that He has for us simply because we refuse to forgive that person who wronged us.

Beloved, I am urging you to receive God’s grace and mercy, to forgive yourself so you can freely love and forgive others quickly.  Warriors, I believe a lot of sickness will be cured if we allowed God to heal our hurts and release those we have imprisoned within our mental space. God moved on when he gave his only begotten Son up for ransom and called everything paid in full!  As you can clearly see, God has Moved On.  Will You?  Until we meet again… I love you to life!


The Risen Warrior



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